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Learn how these professionals are using eGO Real Estate in their daily routines

Competence and excellent service. We are among the first in Google searches. We couldn´t ask for more!

S.M. - Real Estate Broker

When we decided to change our website we were a bit worried... Then we found eGO and a great variety of websites and realized that there was no reason to worry! All the necessary management is done by us and we adapt it to our business needs.

A.F. - Real Estate Broker

Although we have over 500 properties to manage we never lost one business opportunity. Ego allows us to know which property is right for each customer. We can´t do without eGO!

B.C. - Real Estate Broker

I strongly recommend eGO. It is a fantastic solution only exceeded by the extraordinary customer service. We couldn´t ask for more!

L.M. - Real Estate Broker

Always available to answer even the most trivial request, always in a professional manner. Without a doubt, the best technical and customer support service I´ve experienced.

H. V. - Real Estate Broker

We finally found a solution that defines what real estate professionals really need. With eGO we started aknowledging the importance of social networks because it helped us promote our properties even further and receive more contacts!

E.N. - Real Estate Broker

Only eGO offered us the best technology. The fact that we have access to an eGO App and a mobile version of our website is available has proved to be a valuable quality for our company.

O.F. - Real Estate Broker

It was the only solution that gave us more guarantees on how to control our business correctly. Your reports allow us to make decisions based on reliable criteria.

M.D. - Real Estate Broker

We´ve had experiences with other softwares and none of them revealed as many possibilities to monitor the growth and progress of our company as eGO.

R.Z. - Real Estate Broker

We´ve had experiences with other softwares and none of them revealed as many possibilities to monitor the growth and progress of our company as eGO.

R.Z. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is a key piece of our business. We could not have a better partner to manage such a large number of properties within our portfolio. All the support you give us is sensational.

P.G. - Real Estate Broker

You really understand the real estate industry. I trust your services 100%. This has been the best experience ever!

J.G. - Real Estate Broker

Not worth wasting time with other softwares. EGO does everything... I highly recommend!

C.S. - Real Estate Broker

It is the ideal solution for every manager: better information control, time saving, less errors! EGO works for you!

J.M. - Real Estate Broker

EGO has been a real treasure for my company because I can access it from anywhere and work my property database.

L.J. - Real Estate Broker

It´s fabulous how I can manage the contents of my website via eGO.

B.M. - Real Estate Broker

Excellent Contact, Property and Opportunity Manager, easy and intuitive.

S.C. - Real Estate Broker

The fact that there are attractive and dynamic website templates available allows us to stand out from other real estate companies avoiding having the same website and lacking information.

A.P. - Real Estate Broker

Nowadays social media is one of the major methods of advertising in a company and the fact that eGO allows us to share properties in different social networks means we don´t have to waste time adding them manually.

C.R. - Real Estate Broker

Amazing real estate portals that I can export to with a single click.

J.N. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I now have all my business deals organized, I can easily inform my customers with correct information and only by their name I know which properties they visited.

C.F. - Real Estate Broker

I began to quickly inform the owner on how many visits his property had.

C.L. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I can send an email directly to my customers suggesting properties, I don´t lose time writing emails anymore.

N.L. - Real Estate Broker

I have 2 websites and updating them was difficult, now I add a property once and choose which website it is exported to. Impeccable!

A.H. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO many business deals have been made only because as soon as I add a new listing, all the interested customers are revealed.

M.G. - Real Estate Broker

With these types of searches I easily find the houses I want, I can send my customers an email immediately.

C.S. - Real Estate Broker

Outstanding, I add a listing once and it is automatically sent to several real estate portals.

P.G. - Real Estate Broker

Thanks, now with eGO I can access everything I do on my iPad.

S.P. - Real Estate Broker

EGO helped me access my properties anywhere.

F.F. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I can easily organize my sales team´s property visits.

D.M. - Real Estate Broker

Now my sales team has a more efficient control over their potential customers.

N.S. - Real Estate Broker

With the help of eGO I can easily match my properties with unfinished business deals.

V. R. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is a great tool for the sales team to help organize their properties and send their customers any type of information quickly.

T.J. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I easily found a solution for my customer without having to go to the office.

G.A. - Real Estate Broker

With this tool I had my customer´s contacts at my fingertips.

S.P. - Real Estate Broker

EGO software is an excellent and essential tool in managing my properties and website daily.

X.F. - Real Estate Broker

Being an online software it allows me to work from anywhere since I can quickly find all the information I need because I have the information connected.

A.P. - Real Estate Broker

Possibility to customize my website with contents, add new pages and links, menus and even add new features according to my needs.

B.L. - Real Estate Broker

Interacting on social networks is very important in our industry because it is another way of reaching a greater number of people quickly, promoting our activity and helping us get better results. Not less important is the possibility of exporting my properties to a wide network of national and international portals.

S.D. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is excellent since it is easy to use, very intuitive.

P.L. - Real Estate Broker

Easy access simply by having an internet connection.

J.C. - Real Estate Broker

Manage properties, contacts and opportunities quickly and efficiently.

R.S. - Real Estate Broker

Manage and customize my website easily and quickly.

S.V. - Real Estate Broker

Possibility of purchasing new features quickly and directly.

J.L. - Real Estate Broker

Presence and interaction with Social Media.

P.F. - Real Estate Broker

Share properties in major national and international portals.

R.S. - Real Estate Broker

I subscribed your trial version and within minutes I was contacted to know if I needed help and offering me more information. I am still exploring the free trial but I was extremely happy with how quickly I was contacted.

V.A. - Real Estate Broker

I was looking for a software for quite a while that would allow me to manage my real estate network. I spend most of my time outside the country and it became very difficult to know everything that what happening in each office. With eGO I was able to monitor and create reports from each office´s sales team.

I.R. - Real Estate Broker

I have received huge compliments from my customers regarding my new website. I already had a website but it was not prepared for mobile devices. I also noticed that I started to be better positioned in search engines. Excellent!

B.B. - Real Estate Broker

Enter new markets was one of our goals. Since exporting to various portals is so easy, we have received a huge amount of contacts from several countries.

I.M. - Real Estate Broker

EGO was recommended to me by colleagues and I could not be more pleased!

L.G. - Real Estate Broker

Very complete and intuitive, Congratulations!

T.R. - Real Estate Broker

I love your websites, they are without a doubt the best!

J.X. - Real Estate Broker

I am so glad to have chosen the eGO solution. It gave my company a new dynamic and approached me to my customers.

M.N. - Real Estate Broker

Choosing the eGO solution gave me a new type of freedom, I can access it anywhere, view and edit my property portfolio anytime. Manage my contacts immediately and provide an efficient answer to my customers.

G.P. - Real Estate Broker

For me it´s very important to control my activity and my working tools. The integrated eGo solution allowed this. I can not only enhance the information I provide my customers and colleagues but also be independent when updating and improving my website.

S.L. - Real Estate Broker

EGO solution gave my company great visibility online, not only through my website but also by allowing my properties to be present in a portal network which extends to various different market segments.

Z.C. - Real Estate Broker

My sales team is satisfied with the working tool I provided, it ensures independence, proactivity and freedom. The eGO solution is very intuitive, dynamic and they easily began to take advantage of its versatility, maximizing the commercial activity of the company.

C.C. - Real Estate Broker

EGO has been a great contribution to the company and I feel comfortable with the choise I made. I have a complete tool at my disposal that reinforces my actions on the market daily. I often feel that it makes a difference with my competitors. I immediately access my property portfolio and the potentiate my business opportunities.

L.O. - Real Estate Broker

For me and for my company , eGo is more than just a software that exports properties online, it gives me confidence that the information provided by us is always updated and internally it allows us to immediately match crucial information that is essential in such a competitive market.

E.S. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is a very simple and intuitive management software but at the same time with all the features necessary to manage our property portfolio and provide our customers with immediate answers.

F.P. - Real Estate Broker

I can quickly export all of my properties to a great number of portals.

L.L. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is accessable online which allows us to always have access to our database anywhere and with any device.

R.V. - Real Estate Broker

I am so happy with my new website and with the possibility of making all the changes I find necessary.

J.B. - Real Estate Broker

EGo allowed us to improve our customer monitoring which is critical when trying to achieve customer´s loyalty and satisfaction.

M.A. - Real Estate Broker

I can easily gather lists and reports that allow me to better manage my business and evaluate my staff´s performance.

D.C. - Real Estate Broker

EGO is the best real estate software I´ve ever seen, with it I can access all of my company´s information anywhere including my tablet.

A.V. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I can easily and quickly access my properties, see which potential customer fits a property and send them an email with more information easily, I am totally satisfied!

W.C. - Real Estate Broker

I have a real estate network and with eGO I can view all the information from each office quickly and intuitively.

P.R. - Real Estate Broker

With the reports I can easily filter all the information that i want regarding properties, customers or my staff members and easily analize it and know what is happening with my business, thanks.

F.T. - Real Estate Broker

Social media is important when promoting my business and with eGO I can easily export all the information without having to manually add it several times and this way saving a lot of time.

X. J. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I was able to follow my customers better which is vital for my business because it leads my customers to be more loyal. Thanks eGO Team.

L.S. - Real Estate Broker

I add a property on eGO and it is automatically exported to my website and to several other portals that I want, quickly and effectively.

V.U. - Real Estate Broker

The websites are the best I´ve ever seen for the real estate business, I have several websites linked to eGO and I can manage all of them from eGO making all the adjustments and alterations necessary. Thank you so much eGO.

B.D. - Real Estate Broker

EGO´s support team is fenomenal, they are always available to help and clarify all my doubts, congratulations to the eGO Team.

R.M. - Real Estate Broker

Purchasing eGO was a great asset to the work we do everyday. I have a greater control over my sales team performance on a daily basis and still have time to manage properly my own tasks.

G.S. - Real Estate Broker

I believe that eGO is the most complete compared to other softwares I used previously and the fact that it is constantly updated is a plus. I am able to gather all information, handle all business deals and still receive email notifications every time new contacts appear.

V. L. - Real Estate Broker

I consider eGO to be the best existing tool on the real estate market, since buying the eGO application my job is more simplified. It is a very intuitive tool, I can organize my customer management, my database, export online and most importantly, it is a web application that I can access anywhere.

I.T. - Real Estate Broker

It is amazing the management that this tool does. Nowadays, I know my customer´s feedback from the satisfaction surveys that I send through eGo and I can do all the marketing management through eGO as well.

C.M. - Real Estate Broker

One of the significant aspects of Ego Real Estate is the possbility of selecting customer´s preferences and quickly receive all the properties from my portfolio that I could suggest, avoiding wasting time searching for similar properties added in the system.

R.S. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I can easily and intuitively control all business opportunities. Associated to this control I add tasks to the opportunities allowing me to better organize my job. Within the opportunities, being able to create a roadmap visit is also fenomenal, since I can associate to a roadmap more than one property to visit with a customer.

H.C. - Real Estate Broker

I can manage internally each staff members´ role, concerning what they can and can´t do on the application, assigning them permissions or creating groups with specific permissions and associating users to these groups.

D.F. - Real Estate Broker

I can organize my properties with tags, making my job internally easier. Another important feature that this application has is being able to add an appraisal to the property details form emphasizing positive and negative aspects.

E.S. - Real Estate Broker

I went on a holiday overseas and I was able to monitor my sales team performance through eGO. It is truly an amazing tool!

S.D. - Real Estate Broker

I have 8 offices nationwide, each office has it´s own database and being able to share them through instances has made our internal management easier!

A.M. - Real Estate Broker

Since I am always out of the office, Ego was the best choice I made as a management tool, I have my property porfolio always handy without having to carry around documents, and with the Ipad/iphone app I can easily access my data.

P.C. - Real Estate Broker

With an office network like ours, we needed a solution that was strong and flexible at the same time, qualities that we found in the eGO platform. We were able to control any type of permissions and easily access all the information of our offices and staff.

F.L. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO I can follow all my customers from day one.

E.S. - Real Estate Broker

Since having eGo my office is always with me, all I need is a laptop and internet.

T. O. - Real Estate Broker

With the eGO workflow I can follow more business opportunities, have all customer information centralized in one opportunity, it´s like having a folder.

A.B. - Real Estate Broker

When I first subscribed eGO I had a lot of doubts but with the phone or email helpline services I had quick and clear answers.

X. R. - Real Estate Broker

I needed a new website for my real estate business and I found in the eGO solution an endless variety of website layout options and features, and the best thing was I could start with the plan that best suited my business needs and then upgrade.

I. J. - Real Estate Broker

With the eGO solution I can have a more active presence on social media, without having to spend hours adding my properties to each one of them.

E. P. - Real Estate Broker

With eGO and the newsletter tool, I can send any type of information to my customers and have all the information sent registered in only one tool.

L. R. - Real Estate Broker

Before eGO I had to add my properties on several websites and applications to advertise my properties in major portals and on my website, now I add the information once and eGO takes care of the rest and I don´t even have to go through the updating process, just add the data in the property details form and select where I want to have my properties!

W. O. - Real Estate Broker

Sharing properties in real time helps my sales force to avoid errors when knowing the availability of properties.

A.F. - Real Estate Broker

All my properties on my Facebook page are updated because they are synchronized with my webiste.

R.M. - Real Estate Broker

With my eGO website I am more present on social networks.

E.V. - Real Estate Broker

The multimedia presentations (photos, videos, 360 photos, pdf...) with eGO are fantastic according to my customers.

X.M. - Real Estate Broker

I can finally make presentations outside the office with the help of eGO for iPhone.

S.R. - Real Estate Broker

Create marketing campaigns for my customers is now possible with eGO.

B. K. - Real Estate Broker

The printed property details sheet has a QR code.

W.L. - Real Estate Broker

I am thinking about creating a real estate franchising and the eGO platform allows us to do it.

I.R. - Real Estate Broker

I have the best property presentation with the eGO touchscreen kiosk, so that the customers are able to search for properties from the other side of the glass.

C.N. - Real Estate Broker

This solution was a great help for my business, my company improved greatly.

C.A. - Real Estate Broker

We modernized our webpage, started doing business through Facebook and our properties are advertised in many portals. Thanks.

M.C. - Real Estate Broker

Our company has many employess and branches and the eGO platform helped us to better manage and organize our business. As a cloud-based application, we can access it quickly and easily anytime anywhere and a fantastic CRM that allows us to have a more professional service, we are very pleased to have chosen eGO.

J.M. - Real Estate Broker

My biggest problem was the website since I wanted a website that was at the same time extremely attractive and fully-featured. I searched a lot and spent a lot of time and money on several alternatives that I tested previously, but none of them worked. The internet is really critical for my business, I recognize that this service should be handled only by professionals. With eGO, I found the perfect solution, my website was ready in 24 hours with a highly-professional layout and with all the features I always wanted. Right now I recognize that I am one step ahead of all my competition.

J.C. - Real Estate Broker

I work primarily the overseas market, my main need was to reach my foreign customers over the internet and eGO gave me some solutions: a website with multiple languages, advertising in inumerous international portals and an application to manage customers. I could not wish for better, I am totally satisfied.

H.P. - Real Estate Broker

Sales team organized, full control over sales, total control over customer service, more sales, more time for business. These were some of the biggest advantages we had when we subscribed eGO.

C.R. - Real Estate Broker

Website, Website, Website !!!! Congratulations, your system is a one-of-a-kind worldwide solution and I have tried several. I can update my website when I want, it´s easy and I don´t need technical knowledge. This type of technology is exactly what I needed to help me sell more properties.

D.O. - Real Estate Broker

I have two websites, each one focused on a specific business, I manage both of them through the same eGO platform, it is very convenient. You are to be congratulated for an excellent work.

A.P. - Real Estate Broker

The entire application is amazing but what I thought was outstanding was the fact that you could match properties with the customer´s preferences and also the alert that warns us when there are several customers interested in the property recently listed. Thanks to this system I ended up selling a property in less than 2 hours. I listed the property and after adding it, I was warned that there were customers looking for a similar property, I clicked to send an email to the customers and after 2 hours a customer was calling me interested in visiting the property. It was one of the fastest deals ever.

R.R. - Real Estate Broker

I work primarily the city-based market. For me emarketing and sending emails and newsletters is very important. EGO is by far one of the most powerful tools I´ve known till now in this field. Today it would be very difficult to work without such a platform.

O.J. - Real Estate Broker

The luxury market is a special market, we really need to invest in our customer relationships, manage our database, know how to properly promote a property to the right customers. My website was custom designed, now I have a website that I always envisioned with the advantage that I can manage all the information through the eGO application.

G.R. - Real Estate Broker

Sell more properties and reach more people! We don´t limit our business to only advertising properties on our website, we invested in advertising on several portals and created a Facebook page all managed through eGO. It saved us a lot of time, now we know how to add a property once and we know for sure that it will advertised throughout the network. Exceptional!

S.T. - Real Estate Broker

Brilliant! We work with several websites for quite a while now, but we never had a solution as rewarding as eGO. We manage all our properties very easily on eGO and from there manage their publication to various websites of the company. Perfect solution!

J.K. - Real Estate Broker

We are a small family business, very pleased with the price of the eGO solution and especially how easy it is to work with. It resolved our main problems regarding online presence and advertising properties on the internet. Congratulations.

Y.P. - Real Estate Broker

Everything is great, the eGO application, the websites, the iPad app, the Facebook page and the fantastic technical support, thanks for the “lessons” and all your patience with me.

Z.P. - Real Estate Broker

Excellent service that I truly recommend. Technically the solutions are without a doubt the most advanced that I have worked with till today, keeping it simple and convenient daily, allowing us more time to sell.

T.F. - Real Estate Broker

High quality and low cost, count me in for a long time.

N.M. - Real Estate Broker

Great product, best assistance, I am a customer of pratically all your products, as long as you keep this quality I will recommend you to everyone.

V.S. - Real Estate Broker

The best thing I did to my business in the last year was hire your services, the internet is not to be handled by amateurs, my sales boomed and you gave me a great help. Congratulations and thank you very much.

O.H. - Real Estate Broker

I work with Ego for a year, we are the first in Google real estate searches. I am absolutely a satisfied customer.

X.E. - Real Estate Broker

I´m on the market for over 10 years now. In the beginning the internet complicated our lives since we were used to working without it, nowadays the internet is crucial and we are one of the leaders in our area and we owe it all to Ego.

E.P. - Real Estate Broker

Ego is the best team, Thanks for all your assistance. Since subscibing Ego I only have good things to say, everything is working wonderfully.

D.T. - Real Estate Broker

Good tech support, nice people, professional looking websites and the application even though full of features, is convenient and easy to use.

C.B. - Real Estate Broker

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