Real Estate Portals Development - Corporates - eGO Real Estate

Web Portals for corporates and franchising networks

Web Portals for Financial Institutions

Web portals for networks or associations, portals for MLSs, portals for agent networks

reate a lead nurturing campaign on several digital platforms, concentraing in the software the monitoring of generated opportunities and return metrics.

Multi-language, multi-currencies

Search engine optimization, according to the best practices

Features directed for owners

Integrated solutions for electronic payments

Mobile versions or mobile apps, reflecting the portal information and managed from the software

Customer follow up present on the layout, design and engineering

Know which

Have a fully customized web portal tailored to your organization, with personalized support and expert advice.

Simultaneously have several web portals, such as thematic, seasonal or for a certain real estate segment.

The solution allows a replic of the web portal in a mobile version or in a sophisticated real estate apps on multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Find out more about the most complete real estate market solution

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