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Real Estate Digital Marketing

eGO Real Estate is an all-in-one real estate platform. It's a turnkey solution that any organization needs to face the new online communication challenge in the real estate industry.

Create and send property newslettersthrough the software, with customized models.

Online surveys to enhance the profile of potential customers or owners.

Real-time record in the software of newsletters and campaign metrics (who opened, who read, etc.)

Smart detection of potential customers on the web portal, with records in the software and alerts to sales force

Properties advertised in major national real estate portals through the software

Integration with portals suggested by customers

Property search engine integrated on a Corporate Facebook Page

Posting of properties by the sales force on personal or opinion leader profiles on Facebook

Mobile version of the web portal and customized real estate apps, whose information is managed from the software

Web portal for foreign markets and integration with internationl real estate portals

Web portal search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM)

Real estate agents can join themselves in one real estate portal or MLS, through the software.

Record in the software of all online users interactions to proccess preferences.

Automatic emailing of newsletters with recent properties that match the customer's preferences.

Know which

Create a lead nurturing campaign on several digital platforms, concentraing in the software the monitoring of generated opportunities and return metrics.

The software records all visit requests, forms, surveys and presence of potential customers on the portal, systematizing their preferences and automatically suggesting properties they're looking for.

No need to adapt or translate, internationalize your business by creating a web portal for a particular foreign market.

Find out more about the most complete real estate market solution

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