Contact Management - Corporates - eGO Real Estate

Complete history of each contact: customers, owners, external partners, individuals or companies

Carried out visits, preferences, shown and rejected properties

Opportunities in which each contact was involved

Emails, notes, phone calls, surveys

Campaigns and newsletters: received, read and clicked per customer

Freedom to create tags to classify groups of contacts

Enrich profiles by creating questionnaires and surveys

Unlimited capacity to create tags for segmentation

The information is available and accessible in the contacts search engine

Real-time activity detection of customers and potential customer's presence on the web portal

Real time registration in the software with alerts to the sales force

Set the viewing and editing profilesof this information inside your organization

Know which

Detect, in real time, the presence of a potential customer on the web portal with an active opportunity and send an alert to the sales force to contact him.

Add a tag to those contacts who showed interest in investment properties, enabling a regular emailing of newsletters with bank owned properties.

Set the profile of the contacts inside the organization and the internal or external sales channels, regarding the use of information .

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