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Customer Monitoring
and Follow-up

The solution that your organization needs to monitor the entire real estate marketing process, starting from the source of the lead until the deed, going through the automatic emailing of recent properties to potential customers.

Automatic emailing of recent properties that suit the potential customer's preferences

Permanente matching between the customer's preferences and the available properties

Register leads according to its origin

Manage the distribution of leads amongst your sales force (concentrated, random, sequential, programmed especifically)

Promote leads to business opportunities

Opportunity views, lists and management

Set the stages of each business opportunity according to the organizations's procedures

Procedures, stages and check lists of the real estate marketing process

Definition of the participants and their role in the marketing of properties

Assign and schedule tasks or write notes to the participants

Alerts and notifications of overdue tasks

Alerts and notifications of the unaccomplished procedures

Know which

By activating the follow me option in an opportunity, the manager will be informed of all the interactions occurred to this opportunity.

List opportunities by agent, by team, by partner, by owner, sort them by date, by property type, by business type, by selling probability, by stage, etc.

Learn about the relationship with each customer (record of notes, calls, meetings, visits, emails, presentations, etc).

Find out more about the most complete real estate market solution

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