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IN's Case Study

Manage the sales force and advertise real estate properties in several markets.

The customer wanted to integrate and monitor in a single tool, with different permission levels, the performance of the sales force spread across multiple offices and countries. It was also intended that the solution allowed both listing and advertising of properties, from all around the globe, in multiple languages and currencies. Great emphasis was given to the design quality aligned with the corporate identity. It was also intended that the portal's updates be concentrated and that somehow each market kept their autonomy. Finally, that the listings would be integrated with major real estate portals in several countries and social media.

Extensive analysis and ongoing monitoring.

With a consistent quality image and some technical and graphical requests from the customer, we chose the construction and design of a portal for each market, in multiple languages, currencies and cross navigation. It was assured that the updates of the portals would be concentrated in eGO Real Estate, the CRM that was implemented and made available to all members of the sales force. Particular attention was given to the mechanism that would allow the management and presentation of developments in eGO and the company's portals.We connected the company's offer to major external real estate portals in each market and partnerships were established with several real estate portals suggested by the customer. In person training regarding the CRM was given to the sales force in the central offices and later monitored by a dedicated account manager. It was also possible to achieve a perfect integration with the corporate Facebook page, also from the software.

Access to several markets and sale force monitoring.

With this solution, IN's managed to integrate and monitor information and follow-up of each business opportunity, formerly scattered amongst several elements of the sales force and offices. Another goal was achieved when an attractive design was aligned with the corporate identity in order to access customers and owners in several markets/countries. Online inquiries increased through linking several national portals to the corporate Facebook page.

Have a solution to follow you on internationalization

Starting from a small peripheral market highly evolved and competitive, we soon realized that our know-how could be applied to other high-end real estate markets but it would not have been feasible if we didn't have the right marketing and sales management tools.”.
Francisco Prospero, general Manager IN's Brazil

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