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CASA SAPO Case Study

Real Estate channel on the largest internet portal
in the Country. portal, leader in Portugal, wanted to create a nationwide portal specialized in real estate, which would combine broker's and real estate promoter's listings and also allow private owners to directly advertise their property. It was also intended to include, in a specific section, the distressed property assets of the entire financial system in Portugal.

Business model, technology and design studied with customer

The product, design and engineering teams analyzed with the partner not only the business model as well as the best available technology to achieve this model, without forgetting the usability, available features and service quality. From the integration of a management tool for professionals, to an electronic payments solution for classified ads, to the design of the search engine, to the search engine optimizing and to the inquiry generator for professionals and owners, everything has been designed and developed down to the finest detail.

Undeniable leadership

No. 1 Leading real estate portal in Portugal

2.5 million visits per month

300 thousand constantly updated properties

74thousand inquiries sent to owners

Navegants XXI award
Best e-commerce website C2C 2011
ACEPI - Association of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising

Top 20 World’s Most Influential Property Portals
Property Portal Watch 2011

ANJE Award
Research and Development in 2003

A reference project

Casa Sapo real estate portal is one of our reference projects which has already won several awards. However, our greatest daily accomplishment is the satisfaction of both users looking for a property or owners and professionals who list their properties on the portal. ”.
Abilio Martins, Ex-President of

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