Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the eGO Real Estate platform.


By subscribing the eGO Real Estate services you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and all other policies and principles that regulate it. You also declare that you are a company, legally constituted or a related entity, stating that all the information provided is true and accepting responsibility for its content and accuracy.


Accepting the terms and conditions is absolutely necessary to use the services provided.


Subject and Content

  1. The subject of the following ´Terms and Conditions´ consists in providing a platform for the real estate sector which is intended to promote and advertise properties.
  2. The eGO Real Estate platform is available for exclusive use to whoever subscribes the service. Its use is expressly prohibited outside the terms and conditions here mentioned.


Conditions to access eGO Real Estate

  1. Subscribing the eGO Real Estate service implies an online purchase.
  2. Subscribing the eGO Real Estate service does not presuppose the purchase of intellectual property even though its use is only allowed during a valid subscription of the service and according to its terms.
  3. eGO Real Estate is not responsible for data input in the platform and website. In the event of data loss, eGO Real Estate cannot be charged to liability. All website graphic content (headers, scripts, icons) are the property of eGO Real Estate.



  1. The purchase of a template is done individually per website.
  2. The same subscriber can purchase additional templates to be applied on multiple websites, by individually paying for each one.
  3. Extra features can be purchased online at any time, individual pricing applied.
  4. The right to add or discontinue templates from the shop whenever deemed necessary is reserved.
  5. The activation of extra features varies according to each template.


Prices and Conditions

  1. Subscribing the service online requires a valid credit card.
  2. The availability of the service is done on a rental basis with the corresponding payment scheduled according to the plan subscribed and with access to the conditions that it includes.
  3. Service prices can be updated at any time, whereby it is guaranteed a 45 days’ notice of any change.
  4. Prices are displayed per month and the payment is done once, twice or three times a year depending on the subscribed plan
  5. If desired, it is allowed at any time to change your service plan, provided that it is for a higher option.
  6. Transferring a domain to another server implies an additional payment, which corresponds to the costs associated with the transfer process, and which will never be less than US$150. The amount to be paid for the domain transfer will be updated according to the price list in effect.


Duration of the Service

  1. The service provided is paid during the term of the contract associated to the plan subscribed. If the subscription is canceled, the right to use the service is lost.


Service Requirements

  1. For proper viewing of the eGO Real Estate websites it is convenient to keep your browser(s) updated. (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari latest versions).
  2. The conditions described in the previous paragraph should exist; otherwise eGO Real Estate will not take responsibility for the proper delivery of the service.


Number of users

  1. The number of users will be provided according to the plan subscribed. eGO Real Estate Consultant Plan provides 1 user, eGO Real Estate Base Plan - 3 users, eGO Real Estate Start Plan - 10 users and eGO Real Estate Pro Plan - 15 users.


Disk Space

  1. Disk space will be provided accordingly with the plan subscribed. eGO Real Estate Consultant Plan provides 0.2 Gb, eGO Real Estate Base Plan 3Gb, eGO Real Estate Start Plan 10 Gb and eGO Real Estate Pro Plan 30 Gb. eGO Real Estate reserves the right to delete all data and release the corresponding disk space used by the subscriber in case of cancellation or suspension of services.


Contacts Limit

  1. The limit number of contacts depends on the subscribed Plan. eGO Real Estate Consultant and Base Plans have a limit of 2000 contacts, eGO Real Estate Start Plan has a limit of 5000 contacts and the Pro Plan has a limit of 25000 contacts. eGO Real Estate has the right to delete all data and the corresponding contacts in case services are canceled or suspended.


Number of properties

  1. The limit of properties will be provided accordingly with the plan subscribed. eGO Real Estate Consultant Plan provides 200 properties, eGO Real Estate Base Plan 1000 properties, eGO Real Estate Start Plan 5000 properties and eGO Real Estate Pro Plan is unlimited in properties.


Email accounts

  1. The service presupposes a maximum limit of 5Gb per email account. The number of e-mail accounts included will be accordingly with the plan subscribed and depends on the acquisition of a specific domain. eGO Real Estate Base Plan provides up to 5 email accounts, eGO Real Estate Start Plan 12 email accounts and eGO Real Estate Pro Plan 17 email accounts. These email accounts are provided based on a policy of responsible use and cannot be used for mass mailing and insusceptible to be considered SPAM. In these cases, eGO Real Estate has the right to suspend the email service.


Initial Training

  1. Initial training is included in every plan, except the Consultant Plan. Each customer is entitled to 4 hours of free training via Skype, scheduled in accordance to both parties.
  2. Customers can access the eGO Real Estate Academy – helpful tips and tutorials regarding the use of the platform


Portals Packs

26.The service includes a connection to one or more real estate portals and internet websites that are not property of eGO Real Estate but with whom there has been established a commercial or technical partnership.

27.The information provided from and to real estate portals and external websites involves third entities therefore subject to different response times in terms of technical, administrative and commercial procedures. A correct property exporting relies to all entities involved.

28.The periodicity of updating of the information selected by the customer to advertise on portals and external websites depends from portal to portal.

  1. eGO Real Estate is responsible for the availability and transfer of the database accordingly with the established protocol. Therefore, free from any technical failure or publication inability verified by the portals.
  2. The service does not include the property publication in the portals when the portal itself charges for specific fees and it is necessary to open an account or a registration that will impose some specific criteria for the property publication.
  3. eGO Real Estate reserves the right to change the portals packs associated to the service without any previous warning. However commits to include new portals whenever some portals stop being available in any portals pack.
  4. Portals marked as Offer of a plan may be changed at any time, since these offers are only maintained as long as the protocol with the third parties is in force.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. It is guaranteed an up-time of our servers of 99%, which may lead to a period of inactivity equivalent to 3 days per year. If this period is exceeded, the customer will be reimbursed but it never exceeds the value of a monthly fee.
  2. eGO Real Estate cannot be held responsible for any data resulting of any data loss or misplacement, damages, suspension, discontinuation or any other malfunction in the service that is not attributed to us.
  3. eGO Real Estate is not responsible for the correct or on time publishing of the data sent to other websites with whom there is a partnership with, meaning that our responsibility is only to export the database to them and not the proper advertising of the data.
  4. Clients are responsible for setting up user's permissions on the initial setup and also as time goes by. Users may request Janela Digital’s support for setting up user's permissions, but the client will always be held responsible for possible conflicts, data changes, theft and other situations that may harm – due to the lack of management or mismanagement of user's permissions on the platform - the client. It is up to the client to determine and set up the permissions of the users on the eGO platform.



  1. Cancellation of the service can be done unilaterally by eGO Real Estate every time the obligations mentioned in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ are not fulfilled.
  2. In the case of providing false information as well as misusing the service for any purpose other than those mentioned in the ´Terms and Conditions´, eGO Real Estate can cancel the service without notice.
  3. Cancellation of the service by the customer implies that the entire database is deleted from our servers.
  4. The cancellation of the service must be requested with a minimum notice of 60 days. This does not entitle a refund of the remaining values.