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Real Estate Websites

On your own or with our help. With eGO Real Estate, simply choose a website template and customize it. An integrated and low cost solution.


Dozens of Web sites specialized in real estate, ready-to-use and customizable

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Custom-built Website

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Choose your template now

Dozens of websites specialized in real estate, custom made and ready to use.

Manage the real estate website and the business in a single application

No duplication, full synchronization.

Select one or more templates for your real estate website, from dozens of options we offer.

From the software that manages the website and your entire business, you can select the properties you want to publish on your website.

Whenever you change or delete data on the management software, your website is automatically updated.

Real estate websites customized and that can evolve

According to your image and as the business grows

You can choose the dominant color in the template you want, the one that best shows the identity of your company or business.

You can also add or change the logo of the website, directly in the application, without third party intervention.

Or even choose the background images of the website: of your region, the type of property you market, of your office.

Select one or more options to search property: free text, quick or advanced with filters of your choice. Enable and disable several options whenever you want.

Add or remove sections from the main menu. Give them the names you want and associate the appropriate properties marking them with the powerful tag system.

Purchase new features anytime and as your business grows. Apply them without exiting the application and no technical knowledge required.

Websites with autonomy to manage property campaigns

Which properties to promote, which formats to present and how to feature them on the website

In the management software, you can mark the properties for a campaign associating them with a tag (e.g.: Opportunities).

Also choose in the application how you want to present the properties on the website and even how many properties you want to feature: panoramic photos, more or less text in caption, slideshow, two by two, three by three, etc.

• If you want to improve it, you can add a horizontal or round sticker on the property photos in the campaign, customizing the content of these elements (Opportunities or 30% Discount, for example)

Real estate website connected to social media

Properties and direct links to your company´s pages on social media

The properties on your website can be shared on social media, with a simple click.

Our solution also allows enabling direct links from the real estate website to your company´s pages on social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and even your Youtube channel.

Direct links can be customized (e.g.: Follow us or See us on social media), the icons can appear in a variety of ways.

Real estate website in several languages

Ideal and essential to sell properties to any type of market

Be the one to set which language you want to display by default on your website and what other languages you want to provide.

The various languages were translated by an expert. The property information and the remaining website contents and menus appear automatically and professionally translated in several languages.

Real estate website with
search engine optimization

That ensures the best positioning and allows you to use several simple techniques

You can create the so called friendly URLs on your own website, with simple text, without needing anyone´s help and without any parameter or complex code.

The solution also allows you to add a phrase and important words to describe your business, so that the website is found by search engines easily.

In a simple manner, our websites also allow you to use some link building techniques, creating simple links to property search results on the website and display these links how and where you want.

And more. So you can measure all these results and know your website visitor´s profile, you can use Google Analytics and add the code directly in the application.

Websites that can gather several real estate brokers

In a real estate network or in a simple MLS.

Our solution allows you to share properties with other brokers or between several agencies of your company. With complete control, autonomy and privacy. All in the same application.

Such sharing can be taken to a higher level and each agency or company can export properties to a common website, with all the cutting edge features.

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