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7 agencies and more than 100 thousand properties

Located in Barcelona, Spain, and with over 15 years of experience in the real estate market, Grocasa had, as main objective, the creation of a property sharing network between 7 agencies to improve the results. Each agency would work independently, with their own website, to ensure that the identity of each would remain untouched, and all the management of the network would be centralized, improving the effectiveness of the monitoring and follow-up processes of each agency.

7 websites - 1 portal

Responding to the customer request, of creating a network to share properties between the 7 agencies, where each one of them works their properties independently, a fully integrated MLS network was created on eGO Real Estate, so that the share was effective and intuitive. With over 100 thousand properties shared between all the agencies that make up Grocasa, it was important that the entire process of properties synchronization was done safely and without disturbing the normal operation of the network. It was necessary to ensure that no information was lost during the process and that all listings were available equally to all actors. In addition to the independent website of each agency, a global website that contains the properties shared by all the agencies of the network was created and is updated automatically through eGO Real Estate.

Sharing to improve results

After implementing the strategy of a website per agency and a global website aggregator of all listings available on the network, Grocasa’s common website increased the number of visitors and improved its position in the search engine results, which reflected positively in the number of successful businesses within the network. The daily processes were also optimized, once it's now easier to cross dozens of variables and find the property that matches the customer’s needs. Since all properties of the network are now being searched, all agencies have a property portfolio far superior to the one they would have alone.

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