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Menorca Portal Case Study

Regional real estate portal and MLS for independent real estate agents.

A group of independent real estate agents with business in the island of Menorca (Spain), intended to, on one hand, create quickly and with few resources, a real estate portal and MLS where all their agents could advertise their properties in an integrated and synchronized manner. On another hand, it was intended to monitor and track the activity of each member of this network. It was also intended to safeguard the independence of each agency's corporate identity.

Technology to manage portal content and common business with individual autonomy.

The customer already had a graphic idea (design) of the portal wanted, so the approach focused on technology that simultaneously feed the portal with real estate properties from all members of the network, freely allowed to manage campaigns featured on the portal, and followed all business oppportunities through property sharing. It was also emphasized search engine optimization and individual co-existence on the same platform,of the brand, portal and each members listings

Better positioning in search engines and resource savings.

The new portal had, in a couple of weeks time, a significant improvement in the Google organic search when compared to the individual position of each of its members. Increased traffic to the portal and improvement of the sales force performance results of the usage of eGO Real Estate, thus leading to an increase in sales. Economies of scale and resource savings achieved. From the eGO Real Estate platform, no double effort needed, all members of the network select and update the listings presented on their website as well as the ones advertises in the common portal.

Economies of scale and property sharing collaboration

We live in an amazing location - the island of Menorca - and on our own, we would have more difficulty reaching out to customers who want to live or invest in real estate here. Even on the internet, we needed to achieve an even higher scale. Combine resources and aim for the same goal while maintaining our individual autonomy.
Nick Cook, Home Menorca general manager and Portal Menorca member

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