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Casa em Portugal Case Study

Database protection and search engine optimized website

The customer has a considerable team dedicated to listings and a substantial investment in obtaining leads. For this reason, the intention of the customer was reduce the possibility of any employee to delete or extract the database for misuse.Regarding the website, there were two primary goals: provide distinct versions with distinct information per market and concentrated updates, and achieve better organic positioning in major search engine results. It was also intended that one of the website versions be powered by an external page but keeping the original structure.

Data analysis and continuous improvements

After an exhaustive analysis of the needs and essential requirements related to access permission levels, a set of permissions were created that limit some sensitive actions of employees. Then the customer was able to make some specific configurations such as, define the maximum number of properties that can be viewed, emailed or printed and rule out possible atypical behaviors of employees.For the development of different websites, is was necessary to know which were the target markets so as to implement the distinct versions according to the corresponding language, while maintaining synchronization and concentrated content updated.It was also given a special emphasis on website optimization to improve search engine performance. This was possible especially with the help of multiple domains (variable according to the language) and the implementation of customized friendly URLs. To ease the reading of search engines, continuous optimizations were carried out such as creating headings and subheadings of each webpage.

Guaranteed security and performance

With the creation of automatic mechanisms that restrict the actions of employees, the customer guaranteed the security of the database and began to track suspicious behavior.In regards to the website, the customer began managing the different versions using one software: simultaneous update and specific targeting to the various markets.With SEO techniques implemented, the website made remarkable improvements reaching higher search engine results positioning in less than a few weeks.

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