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Social Media for
Real Estate Companies

Connect your website and your business to social media. No duplication or additional effort. Closer to your customers.

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Facebook page with a property search engine

Fully integrated with your real estate website, no duplication

With eGO Real Estate have a professional real estate Facebook page, with contents and a property search engine, fully integrated with your website.

Use Facebook to attract more visitors to your website. The property search results are shown on your Facebook page but the properties are viewed on your real estate website. No duplication, simultaneous updating.

Direct link of your website to social media

Bring your customers closer to your online presence in social media

Our solution allows you to share the properties from your real estate website in several social networks. Just click on the corresponding icon in each property details sheet.

With eGO Real Estate you personally activate and customize the direct links of your real estate website to the various pages of your company in social networks

Send properties to Facebook and YouTube

Directly from eGO Real Estate, without any difficulty

In addition to the property search engine on your Facebook page, the eGO Real Estate solution allows you, in a few steps, to publish a specific property with photos and a full description on your Facebook page.

Or, if you prefer, make a video from several property photos and intuitively publish that video on your company´s YouTube channel.

Search for information about your contacts on social media

Within the application and fully integrated with Facebook and Linkedin

You often receive inquires from your website with just a name or an email, our solution helps you search for additional elements of that potential customer on Facebook and Linkedin, fully integrated and without exiting the application.

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