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Property Portfolio Management

Property Search Engine

Managing a massive property database is no longer a nightmare. Search, find and match properties or manage roadmaps with eGO Real Estate became easy.

Property Appraisals Management

eGO Real Estate allows you to work with a network of appraisers outside the company ensuring that your property portfolio is continuously appraised and evaluated.

Document Management

Your property portfolio documents should not be scattered around your company. eGO Real Estate helps you centralize document management and share information among different teams.

Property Database Management

Quick Identification of Business Opportunities

By matching the properties available in your database with your customers preferences, you can automatically detect great opportunities, know which are the potential customers and the best strategy to make the deal.

Website Synchronization

The website is directly linked to the property database and it´s management is done directly within the software.

Complete History Information

View data and filter customers, properties and opportunities quickly. With eGO Real Estate access a large number of ongoing business, avoiding oversights and missed opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Buyers and Sellers

With eGO Real Estate boost your business to the max. Match buyers with owners, registering all the interactivity with the company and follow all business deals, whether they are buy and sell or rentals.

Custom Tags and Fields

Classify your properties, contacts and customers adequately according to your business. eGO Real Estate allows you to freely create custom fields and tags.

Marketing Online

Website Performance Indicators

Easily monitor your website performance. eGO Real Estate provides a set of tools for website performance analysis showing the main trends of visitor navigation.

Send Newsletters

Communicate directly with your customers and send newsletters regularly. With eGO Real Estate create email marketing campaigns about receent properties, featured properties, discounts or other available services.

Mobile Version of Website

Get a simplified version of your website for smartphones and tablets.
The mobile version has a different layout from your website, which makes it simpler and easier to browse it. Keep your properties available to your customers at anytime, anywhere.

iOS and Android App

The number of users who uses smartphones and tablets is booming thanks to the steady development of technology. eGO App allows you to have access to all the information needed to do business, anywhere, on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Facebook Page with Property Search Engine

Differentiate your company and stand out from your competition increasing the visibility of your properties. Now you can have on your Facebook Page a search engine that allows your customers to search properties. eGO Real Estate syncs the properties available on your website to your Facebook page.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Losing a deal is possible, but you should never lose a customer. With eGO Real Estate create customized customer satisfaction surveys and continuously monitor the service level provided to your customers.

Sales Force Performance

Team Performance Management

Have the best high-performance team. eGO Real Estate gives you daily metrics, feedback and performance rating of your sales force, whether they are at the office, outside the company or spread across various branches or franchises.

Tasks, Alerts and Calendar

eGO Real Estate is also a task manager that assists each salesperson and lets you know, in your company, who contacts who and when, preventing that they forget to contact a customer. These tools help improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Commission and Fee Management

Managing commissions correctly also helps your business to grow. eGO Real Estate provides a set of tools to manage and pay commissions to your sales team and/or split fees with business partners.

External Entities and Partners

Collaborative working and outsourcing are key elements in modern day businesses. With this in mind, eGO Real Estate foresees the involvement of external entities and in distinct locations. Several teams can work simultaneously the same property portfolio such as appraisers, lawyers, external sales teams, etc.

Business Analytics

Custom Business Reporting

Daily information registered on eGO Real Estate is a real treasure in management indicatores. eGO Real Estate has an excellent reports feature that will help you retrieve all the management information to make your company more competitive: property portfolio metrics, sales force performance, custom reports on business, commissions, etc.

Business Perspectives and Prospects

With eGO Real Estate you can follow your business opportunities stage by stage, thus predicting your potential income and which properties you should focus more on.

Publish Properties Online

Website and Portal Synchronization

Marketing your properties on the internet is one of eGO Real Estate key features. Synchronizing your property portfolio in real-time with your own website, with the main property portals and even with portals shared with business partners, loading the information only once.

Leads and Contacts Management

eGO Real Estate receives and manages leads from the internet and other sources. Then distributes them among the sales team creating opportunities and business data.

Data Import/Export

In a globalized world, it is important to ensure that information can flow from application to application. eGO Real Estate provides tools that export data to popular formats such as xls, csv and pdf.

Share Properties

Using only eGO Real Estate, create and manage a network of partners, where you can share properties and/or join in a common portal (thematic, regional, etc.), that receives information simultaneously from several entities, with who you can, for example, share advertising costs.

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