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Sales Force Management

eGO Real Estate is the real estate sales force, the essential tool to control, monitor, motivate and evaluate the performance of internal and external sales channels of a large real estate company.

Internal, external or mixed sales force management

Sales management with external partners (freelancers, consultants or real estate companies)

Sales management in franchising networks (by region, by agency or franchisee, by agent)

Definition of procedures, stages and checklists in the real estate marketing process

Sales force lead distribution (concentrated, random, sequential, programmed specifically)

Permissions. Who can view, edit, insert information of properties, contacts, leads and opportunities

Indicators of sales channels performance (success rates, open opportunities, business volume, by salesman, partner, or agency)

Sales force evaluation through good and poor performance

Internal message system in the software

Schedule and assign tasks, associate them to properties or opportunities, select the subject, monitor the execution, notify on successful performance

Alerts and notifications of overdue tasks or unfulfilled procedures

Mobile version of the software in apps, a real mobile sales force office

Internal ticket system - Record of internal requests between users/teams aimed at follow-up procedures as well as other existing procedures in the company.

Task Calendar - Keep track of existing tasks of one or more user, with integrated search filters, list, daily and weekly view

Know which

With internal notifications, alert the sales force about the price drop of a property or the delay of an opportunity's visit report.

Define which sales force elements can view, edit or delete actions associated with opportunities (notes, visits, contracts, deeds, timelines, etc.)

Motivate the sales force by sending an employee a good performance alert related to a sale deed signed under the deadline, through the software

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