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Property Management

eGO Real Estate records all activity of each property which allows the manager to view the properties according to various criteria and set different accesses to this information inside and outside the company.

Easily import and export other databases of the organization

More than 500 fields to characterize a property

Possibility to create new fields,appropriate to each organization

Tags system to characterize properties (ex. Luxury)

Property sharing between several agencies

Simplicity of the management of individual units or Developments

Multi-currencies, multi-regions, multi-language and multi-property types

Photos, videos, plans, contracts and documents

Key mangement, advertising signs and visits

Tasks, notes and tickets in each property

Record of opportunities associated with each property, and newsletters where the property was included.

Proposals history

Paid commissions

Permissions and different access levels to the information, inside and outside of the organization

Know which

Know which properties don't have any activity record for more than a week.

List and view the properties using one or more criteria simultaneously.

Pre-set the internal supervisor as the only element with permissions to advertise a property.

Through the property sharing system, access several agencies associated to the organization without logging out of the application.

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