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KPI Reports

Real-time data, reports, charts and a 360 view are a manager's greatest ally. In a dynamic context such as online real estate, accessing effective information helps the decision making process, contributing to your organization's success.

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Contacts Management

Records, databases, groups and segments, profiles, tags. Build strong professional relationships. With owners, potential customers, partners, people or companies.

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Customer Monitoring
and Follow-up

Behind a computer screen, a smartphone, on the internet or outside the office, we want to be where they are, learn everything about them, follow them. Our customers are the reason of our existence.

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Property Management

The dematerialization, the ubiquity, the detail, in or out of the office, available anytime. Segmentation, knowledge, sharing and advertising are critical factores for an organization's success.
A property is our product, our inspiration.

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Web Portal

The real estate industry is undergoing profound changes. In this new online real estate reality, managers must apply all their knowledge and experience to a business model which is permanently and quickly changing.

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Digital Marketing

What we used to look for in person is now online. Customers and owners enter our store using PCs or mobile devices. The competition is online and will be won by managers who have the best set of tools at their disposal.

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Sales Force Management

Objectives, control, performance, motivation and monitoring.
Agents, freelancers, brokers, either individually or in a team, they are the heart and soul of an organization.

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