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Santander Totta Case Study

Online advertising channel for bank owned and other properties.

Santander Totta Bank, a leading institution in the Iberian Peninsula, was looking to create, in a short period of time, a simple web portal to advertise their distressed property portfolio as well as several real estate promoter's developments with bank financing. It was also intended that the special loan conditions for acquiring property advertised on the portal through mortgage calcultors,was automatically linked to the purchase price. Finally, it was indicated that the CRM software that feeds the portal should be integrated with the bank's real estate registration system.

Target on integration with internal system and distinction between bank owned and external properties.

The approach to the customer had two main courses: the security and integration of the bank's database with eGO Real Estate; coexistence on the portal and back-office of two distinct property groups, e.g. bank owned and third party properties, managed by two different business departments in the corporation. CRM software access was also made available to external real estate promoters to advertise and manage their developments in the common portal with content validation by Santander. Permission levels were defined by the bank, in eGO Real Estate, for internal users and external promoters, creating different access levels to the information available.

Quickness, competitive prices and building
relationships with customers.

The project was complete with minimum technical intervention of the bank. The portal eventually served as an online catalog to support the bank branch network across the country and allow real estate agents acess to updated information of properties available. It allowed to build a relationship with Real Estate Promoters, as clients, to whom was given access to a sales support tool of their properties.

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