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Millennium BCP Case Study

Sell the portfolio of distressed property assets.

MillenniumBCP, the largest commercial bank in Portugal, needed to sell their distressed property asset portfolio, resulting from outstanding loans by customers. Online was identified as the priviledged source to originate more inquiries, thus more sales. With this in mind, the intention was to have a real estate portal and several custom mobile apps that would always be linked to the internal property systems directory and reporting to shareholders and regulators. It was also designed to achieve maximum autonomy possible to advertise real estate campaigns by region, by segment, by season etc.

Real estate portal, flexible apps and integrated with internal features.

Millennium BCP specified the features for the portal and mobile apps and provided several design proposals, in order to ensure the consistincy of the image and navigation of the corporate website and homebanking. Technology was interlocked with the initial export process and consequente update of the property database in the eGO Real Estate system, in order to ensure correct monitoring as well as website content and apps management. Great emphasis was given to the eGO Real Estate tag system and it's connection to creating campaigns on the portal.

Being online is the key to originating more inquiries

By synchronizing their property database with eGO Real Estate CRM , the bank easily and quickly started to monitor sales, update and manage both the portal as well as the apps. The solution potentiated a strong increase in sales in the first 12 months compared to the same period last year. With great flexibility and no need for third party intervention, the portal itself gave the customer total freedom to create and advertise real estate campaigns, new menus themes and promotions.

Huge challenge ahead

We had huge responsibilities in the challenges we faced. Our brand and our historic bet on digital channels made us believe that online would be the privileged channel for the sale of our properties and the strategy proved to be right. ”.
José Araújo, Director, Distressed property asets Dept

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