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Casa Sapo / Real estate portal, several real estate companies, Portugal

Online real estate marketplace on a national scale

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Casa Sapo
online real estate Marketplace on a national scale


Create a nationwide real estate portal.
List properties from professionals and individuals and a bank owned property section.


Detailed study of the design and features

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Powerful advertising and leads management using a CRM for real estate professionals

Electronic payment solution for classified ads


#1 Leading real estate portal in Portugal

2.1 million visits per month

78 thousand inquiries per month

Casa Sapo real estate portal is one of our reference projects which has already won several awards. However, our greatest daily accomplishment is the satisfaction of both users looking for a property or owners and professionals who list their properties on the portal.

Abílio Martins, President of Sapo.pt


Santander Real Estate/ Real estate portal, several countries

Bank portal with bank owned and external promoter properties

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Santander Real Estate
Bank portal with bank owned and external promoter properties


Quick implementation.
Portal for Santander properties and developments financed by the bank.
CRM Software integrated with portal and bank owned property database.
Automatic mortgage calculators.


Detailed analysis of the integration of the Bank's database with the CRM software

CRM software access for internal sales force and external promoters

Different access levels to the information inside and outside the organization

Rules of coexistence between bank owned properties and other properties, on the portal

Mortgage calculator associated to the property purchase price, on the portal.


Quick implementation with limited technical intervention from the bank

Online showcase not only for potential customers but also for the branch network and partners

Strengthening of relationships and support to real estate promoters


In'sBrasil / Real Estate CRM and multi-country/currency/language web Portal, international broker, Brazil and USA

International broker with customers, owners and sales force in several countries

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IN's Brasil
Online real estate marketplace on a national scale


Monitor sales force performance in several offices and countries.
List and advertise properties worldwide.
Portal with premium design, multiple currencies and languages.
Concentrated updates on the portal, freedom and distinction in presenting each market.
Integrate CRM with reference portals and social media.


A portal for each market, multiple languages, currencies and cross navigation

Concentrated update from eGO Real Estate CRM

Specific features for Developments

Implementation of eGO Real Estate in sales channels, with different permission levels

In person and remote training for the sales force

Connection to the major real estate portals of each market

Corporate Facebook page


Centralized business monitoring in the various markets, formerly dispersed

Attractive design reinforced the company's premium position

Access to international customers and markets

More online inquiries, more sales

Starting from a small peripheral market highly evolved and competitive, we soon realized that our know-how could be applied to other high-end real estate markets but it would not have been feasible if we didn't have the right marketing and sales management tools.

Francisco Próspero, General Manager IN's Brazil


Millennium Real Estate Portal / Portal and real estate apps, commercial bank, Portugal

Portal and mobile apps integrated with CRM and bank owned property database

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Millennium Real Estate Portal
Portal and mobile apps integrated with CRM and bank properties database


Vanguard real estate portal with the look&feel of a corporate website and homebanking.
Customized real estate mobile apps for all operating systems.
Integration of the internal property database with the Real Estate CRM.
Freedom to launch property campaigns without provider intervention.


Exclusive features

Portal design suggestions and mobile apps consistent with the corporate website

Synchronization of the central bank's property database with eGO Real Estate

eGO Real Estate's tag system for campaign management and menus in the portal

Development of custom apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Launch of the apps in their branches

Synchronization of apps with portal and eGO Real Estate


Inquiries mostly originated online and increased sales

Speed, automation and resource economy in the online advertising process and marketing of each property

Freedom and discretion for campaign management on the portal

Prestigious and cutting edge technology with mobile real estate strategy

We had huge responsibilities in the challenges we faced. Our brand and our historic bet on digital channels made us believe that online would be the privileged channel for the sale of our properties and the strategy proved to be right.

José Araújo, Director, Distressed Property Assets Dept

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