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Social Media Benefits for Real Estate


Get the
most out of
social media.

Send properties to Facebook and YouTube. Without resorting to third parties.

In 3 simple steps, send a property with the best photos and description to your Facebook page.

Make your own video from a selection of property photos. Professional quality effects, transitions, sounds and identity.

In 1 second, send this property video to your YouTube channel.


Look for more information about
your contacts
in social media.

Without exiting the application, since it is totally integrated with Facebook and Linkedin.

How often does a single name or strange email appear on an inquiry? Try completing the data using the application’s Facebook search.

Or search for their professional profile on Linkedin.


Link your website
to social media.

Stay close to your customers, always.

Enable direct links to your company’s pages on social networks. Simply type the URLs of those pages in the application.

Customize those links (Follow Us) and add the corresponding icons (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and even your YouTube channel).

You can also share the properties posted on your website in social media.


Use the powerful
property search engine on your
Facebook page.

Fully integrated with your website.
No duplications.

With our solution you can have a professional real estate Facebook page with properties, contents and a search engine.

The search results are shown on Facebook. The properties are viewed on your website. The update is simultaneous.

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