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Real Estate SEO Benefits


Optimize your
website for search engines.

Ensure the top ranking position.
Measure the results. Do this all by yourself.

Enable friendly links on your website, identifying the contents with simple texts and not with parameters or complex coding.

In the application, add a phrase that best describes your business include important keywords so that your website is easily found in search engines.

Analyze the results. Know the website visits and the visitors’ profile by adding in the application the code provided by Google Analytics.


Enhance the
relevance of your
website in search

Use the best link building techniques
, even without being an expert.

In the application, enable links to the property search results lists: by business type, location and property type.

Provide those links on the website,use relevant words, indicate the number of search results (e.g.: apartments, properties for sale, properties for rent, etc).

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