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eGO Real Estate Website Benefits


Managing properties
and a website
is now
a single task.

In the same application, no duplication,
full synchronization.

With dozens of templates available, select the best website for your company.

In the application,
choose the properties you wish to publish on the website.

The properties are quickly published. Any change is automatically updated on the website.


Ensure the ongoing evolution of your website.

Don’t limit yourself to one template. Follow
your business trend.

As your business grows, purchase at any time new features. Enable / Disable the ones you already have.

Apply everything with no tech knowledge required and without exiting the application.


Customize your website.

According to your image. Even with the most basic templates.

If you like a template, you can change the dominant color and this way adapt the website to your corporate identity.

Add or change your company’s logo on the website, directly from the application.

You can use background images that reflect your company image:
images of your region, of your type of properties, of your office.


Use the same application to manage multiple websites of your company.

Simultaneously. Segmenting your business.

Select one or more templates: for example, a website for your luxury properties and another for rentals.

In the application, select the properties you want to export to each website and their features and contents.


Create your own
or join an existing one.

Share deals, in the same application, on a common website.

In the same application, share properties with other brokers or between several agencies of your company. With full control and autonomy.

Allow each agency or each broker to export properties to their own website and to a common website.


Your website is the online face
of your company.

Take care of your showcase, as if it was
your homes’ main entrance.

Present your best properties with high-quality.There are several display options.

Choose the most relevant menus.
You can enable, disable or create new menus.

Communicate with your customers directle on your website. Introduce your company and your contacts in a personalized way.


Make your
own property
campaigns on
the website.

Without relying on others.
Customized properties and menus.

With the tag system, select the properties you want to feature. Select the format of the campaign and give it any name you want. (e.g.: Discounts).

You can choose several formats for the photos, determine the text lines or place stickers on the photos to highlight the discount.


Complete flexibility
when managing your

Add or remove sections or contents.
No third party intervention.

Have autonomy to add sections to the main menu: show for example, your region, a selection of luxury properties or a price reduction campaign.

Customize each section and determine what you want to show: properties, a development, an external link or just simple content.


Ensure efficiency
when searching on
your website.

Allow your customers to find
the property they want.

Choose the most suitable search engine: free text, quick or advanced with several filters. Also set the fields for the filters.

Combine multiple search engines (e.g.: free text search and advanced with 15 filters). Enable or disable anytime.


Show favorite properties or the
most viewed.

Your customers determine which are the best properties.

Directly in the application, in just 3 steps, enable the option to select favorite properties on the website.

Allow your customers to save the properties they view during their search on the website.

Also provide a menu with the most popular properties and those that were more viewed on the website.


Make your customer’s
final decision easy.

Emphasize the option to compare properties.

Choose how to list your properties on the website: with photos and expandable text, in a grid, etc.

Allow customers to compare two or more properties when they haven’t decided which one to choose.


Close a deal even without the property
searched for.

Your customer describes what property they are looking for even if it´s
not in your portoflio.

Give your customers an alternative if the search returns an empty property list.

In an empty search results list, activate the looking for a property form or a link to this form.


Maximize the possibility of closing deals
on the website.

When you show a property, suggest similar ones.

Allow your website to show similar properties in each property’s details. In a side bar and/or footer.

You can also give this menu any name you want and determine the maximum number of similar properties to show.


Enhance the properties with appealing multimedia elements.

Within the application with complete flexibility and speed.

Choose each property’s multimedia elements and how to display them on your website: photos, videos, 360 photos, plans, brochures.

Protect your business. Set, directly in the application, your logo as a watermark on the property photos.


Enhance the interaction with customers
on your website.

Make it easy to compare, share or visit
a property.

In the detail header of each property, include the main information: property type, location, number of beds, price and business type.

Activate customer interaction features such as: send a property to a friend, select to compare, save as favorite, share on social media or just print.

Also choose how to display a contact form. Customize the form to receive more contacts and visits.


Take advantage of
QR Codes
on your website.

In every property and in your
company’s contacts.

A QR Code is created when you print a property details sheet. Using a mobile device camera, your customer can access the URL and any type of information about the property.

Add this option next to your company’s contact details and allow your customers to upload them to a smartphone with a simple scan of the code.


Locate properties
on your website.

Exactly or near,
avoiding unnecessary contacts.

In the application, enter the address or the GPS coordinates of the property or if you want, just the surroundings.

In the property detail, display its location and surroundings. Easy and integrated with Google Maps.


Customers may be anywhere in the world.

Have your website in multiple languages.
Reach all markets.

Set directly in the application which language, by default, you want to have your website in.

Provide more languages on the website. Select them in the application. The menus are automatically translated as well as the information of the properties.


Choose which properties to
feature on your

In the formats you want, intuitively.

In the application, create a tag (e.g.: Luxury Properties) and associate properties to this tag.

Show them on the website, for example, with a panoramic photo option and select the number of properties you want to alternate in this feature option.

You decide which properties to feature and in which format: with more text, in a slideshow, two by two, with thumbnails, etc.


Highlight special
on one or more properties.

A price reduction campaign, a seasonal
action, everything on the website, in a few steps.

Mark with a tag, the properties for a campaign (e.g.: Opportunities). Add an “Opportunity” horizontal sticker on those property photos in the website.

You can also add, for example, a round sticker on those properties (e.g.: 15% off). Both options can be done in multiple languages.


Putting a simple form on the website is just that: simple.

List or look for a property, newsletter subscription or just a simple contact.

Select the form banner you want to activate. Give it a title, add a text and the name of the link on your website (e.g.: List a property).

Allow newsletter subscription directly on your website. Directly from the application write the texts in several languages.


Give Developments a special treatment
on your website.

Treasure them and present them with quality.

Activate the section where you show all the developments marked in the application: two by two, three by three, mosaic, expandable, etc.

You can also create a menu for each Development. Simply add an extra link and associate it to the corresponding Development in the application.

You can also feature Developments on the homepage, determine the text, number of photos, expandable or simple format, etc.


Receive more
contacts and close more deals on Developments.

Allow special searches. Show all the units.

The Development search can be independent, have them in the free text search (Development name) and in the advanced (units).

Show in detail every Development, the various units that are associated to each Development, in the application.


Keep your website fresh and

No costs, no effort, no need
for resources.

Select the RSS feed of the website you want. In the application, add that feed’s URL and set the number of news feeds you want to show.

The news feeds subscribed automatically appear in the special section of your website.

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