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Benefits of Managing Properties on eGO Real Estate


find a property
in your portfolio

Using the free text search or quick search,
within seconds.

With the free text search, write like you speak.

With the quick search, just click on the fields presented.

You can even customize the quick search with the fields you want.


Advanced search: go into details, into the
most specific criteria.

Over 100 criteria to find the best property for your customer.

Even during a phone call, combine multiple criteria specified by the customer.

When someone calls giving you the reference on an advertising sign or an address, quickly know which property it is.

Match a specific property with your customer´s preferences.


Catalog your
properties with
super powerful

Don´t get stuck to the application,
adapt it to your way of working.

With the tag system, associate properties to words or concepts you use in real estate.
(Example: Associate a “Luxury” tag to properties you consider as such).

Use these words when searching by tags.


Stop the hassle of managing keys and advertising signs

Eliminate unnecessary costs with copies
or duplicates.

Manage the keys to the properties: those in the office, those out of the office, where they are kept, who they were given to, etc.

Know which properties have advertising signs.
Give the associated salesperson the responsibility of placing and retrieving them.


Properties: know when they are actually ready to be advertised.

Ensure the quality and quantity
of information for each property.

With the level bar, control the completion percentage of information for each property and find out which fields are incomplete.

Be the one to determine which fields are of mandatory completion before marketing and advertising a property.


Manage your property portfolio in several currencies and
several languages.

Don´t allow your application to limit your business from going international.

You have the possibility of adding and publishing the price of your properties in different currencies.

Edit a property in multiple languages. Each property can have a multilingual description with the integrated Google translator option.


Take advantage
of the power of multimedia without
limits or restrictions.

Differentiate yourself from the competition when
presenting properties.

Add photos, videos, 360 photos, plans, brochures, logos, etc; no size or quantity limit.

Select the photos that are published on the internet, in a slideshow or in a brochure.


Georeferencing opened up a new world of possibilities.
Enjoy it.

Location is a key issue in real estate and technology.

Complete the location of the property and immediately get GPS coordinates (or vice-versa), thanks to the integration with Google Maps.

Choose to show or omit the exact location of a property on the internet.


There is never
too much information
about properties.

Choose from over 500 fields to characterize a property or create your own.

Take advantage of hundreds of fields available to better characterize each property and the surrounding area in which it is located.

Add other fields that the software doesn´t have but that may be necessary.

Don´t scatter information.
So register the confidential data as well:
owner info, real estate contract info, salespeople´s commission, etc.


A property can
have multiple contacts associated.
Learn which.

Have a quick perception of who is involved in the negotiation of the property.

Register all those involved: those in the company (salespeople, brokers), external entities (appraisers, informants, lawyers, etc) and the owner.

Add others

Associate contacts who are involved in the negotiation of the property: potential customers or partners in marketing.


Keep documents close at hand. Be ready to close deals anytime.

Reduce paperwork in the office.
Avoid losing documents.

Use the application´s digital documents archive: property registry, owner´s ID and Tax ID, customer´s ID, etc.

Organize these documents in custom files.

Also have a checking account of the property´s expenses (maintenance, cleaning, etc).


Know the entire history of the property within your company.

A quick x-ray of the property´s details sheet: visits, opportunities, proposals and internal notes.

Know all the visits made, as well as customers critics and acclaims.

Know which business opportunities are or were associated to the property...

...and the customer´s proposals with the owner´s feedback.

Also use the internal notes: registered observations or events, scheduled tasks, etc.


Managing developments has never been easier.

The same simplicity, at the same pace.

In a few minutes, add a development identifying the number of units.

Add units and associate them to a development.
In case there are similar units, make a copy of each one and save time.

In a development´s unit, quickly know what other units are being marketed.


Personally rate the properties
in your portfolio.

Help your sales force. Involve them when classifying properties.

Give your own rating regarding price and liquidity for each property and determine your marketing strategy.

Also use this rating as a search criteria (ex: search only for properties with the best internal rating).

Or just to view next to each property.


If your customer needs financing, help them.

Give them a quick idea of the monthly payments.

Use the mortgage calculator available next to each property and complete the main variables in a few seconds.

With just one click, have a complete amortization table scedule, print or email it to your customer.


List, sort and export properties has become a trivial task.

Optimize your time. Focus on the essential.

List properties by the ones with more information, by the ones assigned to you or the recently added or by the ones available to market.

In the lists adopt a format in which each column is a property feature. Organize the column order, delete and add new ones.

With 2 clicks, export the property list to xls (excel), csv or xml file formats.


Match a property
with your customer´s

Be effective. Quickly close deals.

Register the property features your customers seek.

When listing or selecting a property, match their features with those your customers seek, with just one click.

If the match is perfect, immediately email that property to your customer.


You are your
own creative multimedia

Apply a range of multimedia options
to your properties.

Select photos for a property slideshow. Very useful in the presentations to customers, in showcases, etc.

Automatically create high quality property brochures from the selection of photos available and the text description.

If you want, upload the photos directly to your PC and use them creatively.

Resort to 360 photos to create a virtual tour of the property in your office or on your website.


Share properties: do business with other companies.

Without losing any information, with only
the appropriate permissions.

Easily share your properties with other real estate agencies: a large franchise network, a restrict group of partners for a specific market (luxury) or other agencies in the same area.

From an automatic copy of the property’s private data to the full integration of information. With different privileges for one or several users.


Share properties: connect several branches of your company.

Join the strength of your brand to
the power of sharing properties.

Share properties among several agencies and offices of your company. Access the multiple agencies associated to your company without exiting the application.

Set each agency’s permissions: who can view properties, contacts, leads, opportunities, etc or who can add or edit this information.

Within each agency, go into detail and set different permissions for users.


Get the
property reports
you need.

The application information is yours.

Select the properties according to specific criteria. Create custom reports or use the templates.

Learn which properties have more visits, more business opportunities, etc. Work this information from Excel files (xls).

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