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Benefits of Following-up Leads and Opportunities


Do not miss any more deals due to a poor sales force.

Follow all of your company’s
business opportunities.

Each potential deal is registered as an opportunity, thoroughly followed until you close the deal or the interested party withdraws.

If you do business with someone who is looking for a property or who wants to list a property on the market, create Sale, Rental or Listing opportunities.


Show the
right property to the
right customer.

Simple and fast by matching properties in the opportunities management.

Maximize your business potential. Register the preferences in the opportunity, match them automatically with the properties in your portfolio.

Describe the added opportunities in detail: associated contacts, origin, preferences by location, number of beds and price, property features and amenities, etc.

If necessary, create additional fields to better describe the opportunities.


Do not scatter information regarding your business deals.

Know at every moment, in every deal,
everything that is happening.

From the initial contact with the customer to the deed, follow all the stages in the opportunity.(e.g.: associated properties, visits, tasks to perform, manage proposals, manage financing, contracts and deeds).

If necessary, customize each one of these stages according to your internal procedures.

Check in which phase of the negotiation each opportunity is in, if the success probability is high or low and whether it is active, won or lost.


Quickly find any business opportunity.

Using a free text search or a quick search.

With the free text search, type the name of the potential customer and immediately know all the business opportunities they have with the company.

With the quick search, list the business opportunities that are lost. Know the main reasons for the failure of the sales force.

Customize the quick search with criteria you consider more important: opportunities that await the deed, with a proposal under evaluation, with high probability of success, etc.


Dozens of criteria to select business opportunities.

Combine several options.
Get the best results.

Know what business opportunities are associated to properties or a particular area.

List the opportunities by collaborator and know in what businesses they are involved and which have overdue tasks.

Optimize your advertising investment knowing which type originated more won opportunities.

Combine criteria and recover deals: missed opportunities + apartments + customers with sea view preferences. Inform these customers of a recent listing of a new property on the beach.


Have an immediate
perception of the
deals at hand.

Closely monitor your company.

In the opportunities list make a quick diagnosis of the deal: negotiation stage, potential customer, if there is a property associated, sales force monitoring.

The application, by default, lists the most complete opportunities. You can choose from the more recent, from the ones without notes in the last 30 days, etc.

Also list the business opportunities that are in the stage of signing the deed.


Know the
history of all

Interactions, events, who´s responsible.

Know each opportunity’s actions by adding internal notes. You can also attach documents.

Complete the internal notes by marking on the opportunity the progress of the negotiation stages.

Or complete them with tasks and alerts in your company.


In every deal, know which properties were chosen
or discarded.

Know the customer’s reasons for choosing
or discarding.

Automatically match a recent property listed with the customer’s preferences registered in the business opportunities.

If you want, add more properties.
Email those properties to potential customers.

Remove from the opportunity the discarded properties. Registering this step you can later retrieve them. Know the reasons for discarding it.

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