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Benefits of Managing Contacts on eGO Real Estate


Quick search
for contacts.

Search for a contact while the phone is
still ringing.

With the free text search, type, for example, the phone number and know who’s calling you.

With the quick search just click on the commonly used fields.

Customize the contacts search with other fields set by you, for example, next month’s birthdays.


Advanced search: know your contacts
to the max.

Use dozens of criteria when searching
for contacts.

Search, for example, potential customers according to their annual income.

Know which owners gave negative comments in the last customer satisfaction survey.

Find potential customers looking for sea view properties. Tell them you just listed a property with that feature.


Contacts are
everything in your business. Do not miss any detail.

From personal data to income, going through the Facebook profile and documents.

When adding a contact, remember that all the information is important: customer or owner, social media profiles, annual income, professional status, etc.

Distinguish private contacts from business contacts. Associate private contacts to the companies you added.

Attach all necessary documents to a contact (passport, tax ID, etc). Have everything at hand to close deals.


Determine which elements are mandatory to identify a contact.

Don’t let your team get careless when characterizing contacts.

Know the completion percentage of each contact and which fields are incomplete. Determine which fields are mandatory.

If the application’s fields are not enough, then create your own. For example, the usual holiday spot or their football team.


your contacts
with tags.

What they do, what they like,
what’s their market segment.

With the tag system, associate characteristics to contacts: for example, a VIP tag for the higher income customers.

In the contacts, select the customers you wish to associate to the VIP tag.

With the quick search and by just clicking on the VIP tag, get a list of VIP contacts to whom you can send a newsletter with luxury properties.


Work with many
contacts and
prioritize the
most important.

Put an end to the difficulty of handling dozens of
permanent contacts.

The contacts who recently engaged with the company are the most important and always appear first.

If you want to keep up with new potential customers then you can opt for the recently added contacts.

You can also opt for the contacts without any activity in the last 30 days to make sure that no deal is left behind.


Keep a close relationship
with your company’s

Use the surveys for customers, owners, internal collaborators, etc.

Create a survey to send to your contacts, for example, to your potential customers.

Select one or several contacts and with just one click, email them the survey you created (e.g.: ask potential customers if they are still interested in buying a property).

Monitor the answers and associate them to each contact. Know who answered. Identify unsatisfied customers and know who is still actively looking for a property.


Follow the
entire relationship of a contact with your company.

In business opportunities, in visits,
in properties or in mere internal notes.

View the opportunities in which each contact is involved. Know their preferences or the stage in which the deal is at.

Know which properties are associated to each contact. Whether it is an owner, potential customer, broker, etc. Associate new properties.

Access the property visits associated to a contact. Join or associate contacts: spouse, partner, children, partnerships, etc.

Also use the internal notes to register important events associated to each contact.


Create your own rating
for each contact.

Know the true buying potential of
your customers.

By completing the contact info with data such as IRS, monthly income, total loan debt or employment status, you can segment your contacts e rate them internally.

Have an immediate idea of your customer’s income and buying potential.


Decide how you want to handle your contacts.

List and export data in several formats.

Select a group or all of your contacts. For example, all the owners you work with.

Click Export and choose the format: a single VCard for all contacts, a VCard per contact or a CSV or XLS (Excel) file format.

If you want, you can restrict users from exporting or even list, view or edit contact data.

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